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The Top Three Funeral Technology Solutions Your Funeral Home Needs

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options, Funeral Technology

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If your funeral home is considering updating your funeral technology solutions, it should be these three solutions! Having an effective funeral home website is the starting point for offering additional revenue-generating services, like flower ordering and funeral payment options. 

Below, let’s go over these three funeral technology solutions and how they can benefit your funeral home and the families you serve. 

1. A Funeral Home Website That’s in the Right Decade 

Did you know that it takes just 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website? It takes longer to blink, smile, or snap your fingers. So to make sure your website has a lasting impression, it should have these four things: 

  1. A user-friendly design that responds to all device types. 
  1. A safe and secure connection with a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate. 
  1. Easy-to-use forms for funeral planning and contacting your funeral home. 
  1. Convenient funeral planning options like flower ordering and funeral payment options. 

With a Frazer-powered funeral home website, your funeral home checks all these boxes and more! Instead of requiring a lot of work from your funeral home’s employees, it works for you — like an additional employee. 

2. Funeral Flower Ordering Directly on Your Website for Extra Revenue 

Like we mentioned earlier, funeral flower ordering can provide you with an extra revenue stream. Now, those projects you had to put on hold can become reality!  

By offering this feature directly on your funeral home’s website, you also can get more website traffic. Instead of sending families elsewhere for funeral flowers, you’re keeping that website traffic. Not to mention that this also is more convenient for families, since they can view their loved one’s obituary and order funeral flowers all in one place. 

We don’t expect your funeral home’s employees to manage a program like this. That’s why Frazer-powered websites come with Tribute Store for funeral flower ordering! Your funeral home earns commission from the flowers sales, and we take care of customer service. Plus, we have a 24/7 hotline for answering questions. 

3. Life Insurance Assignments as an Alternate Funeral Payment Option 

The numbers don’t lie. According to a Bankrate survey, four in 10 Americans would need to borrow money for an emergency expense of $1,000. If your funeral home doesn’t offer funeral payment options, families may not be able to afford the funeral they want. Instead, they may choose less expensive options just because of the cost. Or, they may even take their business elsewhere.  

To avoid losing business, the third funeral technology solution your firm should invest in is life insurance assignments as funeral payment. This way, you can help families plan the funeral their loved one deserves.  

To make things faster and easier for everyone, Frazer Consultants partners with Tribute Insurance Assignments (TIA). With TIA, you can submit a life insurance assignment application online in minutes. Simply fill out a few forms, and the TIA team does the rest of the claim forms and affidavits on the family’s behalf. Even better, instead of waiting weeks or months, your funeral home gets paid in as little as 24 hours. 


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