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Tribute Insurance Assignments: One Part of Our All-In-One Payment Platform

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options

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You’ve probably heard us mention our latest service for funeral homes: Tribute Insurance Assignments. In case you haven’t heard, it allows families to pay for their funeral expenses with a life insurance policy.

Our life insurance assignments program is faster and easier than working with any other funding company. With more than 63 years of combined experience, your funeral home can rest assured that you’re in good hands with our Tribute Insurance Assignments team, and can confidently offer your families this convenient option in their time of need.

Many times, families can’t pay funeral expenses up front. So they need a payment program like Tribute Insurance Assignments during their time of need. But what if their policy can’t be funded? Or maybe they don’t have a life insurance policy available?

That’s where the other features of Tribute Pay come in.

Tribute Pay: Our All-In-One Payment Platform

Did you know that Tribute Insurance Assignments is just one part of our all-in-one payment platform Tribute Pay? With Tribute Pay, in addition to Tribute Insurance Assignments, you can offer families crowdfunding, loans, credit card processing, and eChecks as alternative payment options.

If using a life insurance policy as funeral payment isn’t an option for families, your funeral home can offer them one of Tribute Pay’s other payment options. It’s just one more way for you to serve your families and give their loved ones the services they deserve.

Tribute Crowdfunding

With Tribute Crowdfunding, your funeral home is in control rather than a third-party site. The donations go directly to your funeral home. People can easily donate to the crowdfunding campaign on a loved one’s Tribute Wall. Once the funeral expenses are covered, your funeral home can write the family a check for any additional funds raised.

Tribute Loans

Funeral financing is made easy with Tribute Loans. Families can apply for Tribute Loans directly on your funeral home’s website. The application only takes five minutes or less, and within seconds families receive multiple offers from multiple lenders across the U.S. Once they select a loan option, they’re taken to the lender’s site to finish the application. After approval, your funeral home gets paid right away while the family pays back the lender with affordable monthly payments.

Credit Card Processing and eChecks

You also can offer families the convenience of paying with a credit card or eCheck. An eCheck replaces the paper check payment, so families can easily pay via their computer from the comfort of their home. eChecks also come with fewer fees than most credit card payments.

Catering to Each Unique Family

As you know, every family’s situation is different. That’s why they need a funeral payment option that works for them. Tribute Insurance Assignments may be the solution for some families, but others may need alternative options if their life insurance policy can’t be approved or they don’t have one.

That’s why Tribute Pay offers multiple payment options for the families you serve. If one method doesn’t quite fit, you can simply offer the family another option that can help them create the meaningful funeral experience that their loved one deserves.


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