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Website Crash Course Part 4: Does Your Funeral Home’s Website Work for You?

by | Jul 20, 2020 | Funeral Home Websites

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Over the next few weeks, join us for a crash course on the traits of a website that’s in the right decade. Our final topic is about how your website can work for you. If you missed the previous topics, you can find them here: part 1, part 2, and part 3. 

An old, out-of-date website creates tedious work for your staff. But a new website works for you! By eliminating tedious tasks and having time-saving tools, your website is like an additional employee for your funeral home! 

To save your staff time and eliminate stress, let us help! Meet your new employee, your Frazer-powered funeral home website. 

Interested in updating your website? Click here to request a free demonstration! 

Find Potential Client Families for Your Funeral Home With Built-In Forms 

A modern website can generate potential client families for your funeral home. As more funeral planning happens online, your website can give you a hand in finding new client families. By having online forms, families can submit their contact information. With a Frazer-powered website, we have built-in forms, such as contact us forms and our online planner/quote builder. 

You also can find more potential client families by creating free downloadable guides. These can be about funeral planning, coping with grief, memorializing a loved one, and other topics families would be interested in learning more about. In exchange for this valuable information, you can collect their contact information for additional marketing efforts.     

Eliminate Tedious Tasks with Our Time-Saving Integrations 

Funeral directors are busy people, so you can’t afford wasted time on tedious tasks, like double data entry. With the right time-saving integrations, you can be more efficient. Our websites integrate with the top funeral home software and answering service companies. This way, you only need to enter vital information once. By integrating with answering service companies that specialize in the funeral profession, your employees have time for other tasks and know that their families are in good hands. 

Frazer-powered websites also integrate with Tribute Center, our all-in-one personalization suite. Just enter the obituary information once and that information is readily accessible for creating funeral stationery products, personalized mementos, Tribute Videos, and more. 

Offer Innovative Features That Require Zero Work from Your Staff 

Frazer websites also come with innovative features that require zero work from your employees. They’re built into your website, so your employees don’t have to do a thing. One of these features is the grief email subscription 365 Days of Healing. To sign up, families just enter their email address in the form directly on your website. Then, they’ll receive daily messages of support and hope on their grief journey. 

Another feature is Text Directions. With this tool, families can send directions to the service directly to their devices. This tool also is conveniently located on your website and is ready to go with no extra work from your staff. All you need to do is tell your families about these features! 


Not sure if your funeral home’s website passes the test? Download our free checklist to find out! 


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