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Website Crash Course Wrap-Up: Is Your Funeral Home’s Website in the Right Decade?

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Payment Options

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Over the past few weeks, we had a crash course on the traits of a website that’s in the right decade. In this wrap-up blog post, we’ll recap what we learned during this four-part course. 

To put your funeral home’s website to the test, ask yourself these four questions below. 

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Does Your Funeral Home’s Website Have a User-Friendly Design? 

These three features contribute to a user-friendly website experience: responsive design, interactive obituaries, and customization options. Your website is the first impression families have of your funeral home, so if it’s non-responsive, they’ll go elsewhere. A responsive design does exactly what it sounds like; it responds to all device types, whether it’s a desktop or mobile device. A responsive design also boosts your search engine optimization (SEO). 

Interactive obituaries provide loved ones with a place for healing and support. Ultimately, they serve as online memorials that last forever. Family and friends can share messages, watch videos, donate to crowdfunding campaigns, order flowers and memorial trees, and so much more. 

Your website should reflect your funeral home’s brand and what makes you unique. For example, you can showcase who you are with a history section and staff bios. Our team will help make sure your website’s design reflects your funeral home through the imagery, color scheme, logo, and other design elements. 

Does Your Funeral Home’s Website Have Revenue-Generating Features? 

A website that’s in the right decade should provide you with an extra revenue source. With a Frazer-powered website, the revenue-generating features require little work from your staff. For example, since you’re hosting Tribute Store on your website, you get a commission from the flower sales. This way, you also keep your website traffic instead of sending them elsewhere for flower orders. 

With Tribute Pay, your funeral home gets paid faster and easier than ever. No more waiting around for the funeral payment! The funds are deposited directly into your account. With this payment platform, there are multiple options, including credit card, eCheck, crowdfunding, loans, and life insurance assignments. You also remain in control. For instance, unlike third-party crowdfunding sites, your funeral home is in control of the funds raised from the campaign. 

Your funeral home can use this extra revenue to tackle other projects! For example, a few ideas are to update your lobby, hire new employees, expand your service offerings, or plan a webinar. 

Is Your Funeral Home’s Website Safe and Secure? 

A website that’s secure should protect your client families’ sensitive information. By having a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate, your data, like credit card numbers and login credentials, is safe. That’s why all Frazer-powered websites have SSL certificates. 

Website security measures like having an SSL certificate give families much needed peace of mind during a stressful time. When entering their personal information, such as for the funeral payment, website security is one less thing to worry about. 

Website security also boosts your SEO. Having a secure website can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERP). If you have a higher SERP ranking, families are more likely to find you, and you also may rank higher than your competitors. If your website isn’t secure, browsers like Google Chrome make it obvious by alerting users with a warning message. 

Does Your Funeral Home’s Website Work for You? 

Your website should work for you, not create extra work. This way, it’s like an additional employee for your funeral home! For example, your website can help you find potential client families with built-in forms. Frazer-powered websites have forms like contact us forms and our online planner/quote builder. Another lead generation idea is to create free downloadable guides for families. In turn for this information, you get their contact information for additional marketing efforts. 

A modern website also saves you time by eliminating tedious tasks. For example, Frazer websites integrate with the top funeral home software and answering service companies. They also integrate with Tribute Center for creating funeral and memorial products. Just enter the obituary information once and use it for creating funeral stationery products, Tribute Videos, and more. 

Frazer-powered websites also have innovative features that require zero work from your staff, such as the 365 Days of Healing grief email subscription. Another feature is Text Directions for sending directions to the service directly to your devices. With these features, there’s less stress for everyone involved! 


Not sure if your funeral home’s website passes the test? Download our free checklist to find out! 

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