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Why Families Shouldn’t Have to Pay to Access Memories of Loved Ones

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Home Websites

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Those grieving often share memories of a loved one on their online obituary. It’s a convenient way to organize stories about a loved one and let their legacy live on forever.

But imagine that these memories were taken away from them. Unfortunately, that might be the case if your funeral home uses a third-party obituary hosting site. These sites eventually force families to pay to view their loved one’s online memories.

Let’s discuss a solution that benefits both your funeral home and the families you serve.

Negatives of Third-Party Obituary Hosting Sites

Like we mentioned above, many third-party obituary hosting sites make their online guestbooks inaccessible after a certain amount of time. And to view them, families need to sponsor the site with yearly or permanent sponsorships. Families already lost their loved one; they shouldn’t have their memories taken away too — and they shouldn’t have to pay to view them.

Not only do families lose access to their loved one’s online memories, your funeral home is losing valuable website traffic. People viewing a loved one’s obituary on an obituary hosting site may never make it to your funeral home’s website. Obituaries are the easiest way to bring in website traffic and raise awareness about your funeral home; but using an obituary hosting site is costing you website traffic and, ultimately, potential customers.

However, there’s a solution that keeps traffic on your website and lets families access their loved one’s memories forever.

Benefits of Tribute Walls

With Tribute Walls, one of many Frazer-powered website features, we don’t take advantage of families the way third-party obituary hosting sites do. Families can share messages, send flowers, leave meaningful symbols, light virtual candles, and — best of all — they can view their loved one’s obituary and shared memories forever.

Tribute Walls even make things easier for your funeral home, as traffic stays on your website. It also opens the door to other innovative features, like Tribute Crowdfunding where people can donate to a Tribute Crowdfunding campaign directly on their loved one’s Tribute Wall.

And our responsive obituaries make Tribute Walls look beautiful on whatever device families view them from — whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. The responsive design adjusts to whatever screen size it’s being viewed on, so families can view memories of their loved one wherever and whenever they wish.


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