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Why Your Funeral Home Should Have a Website

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Funeral Home Websites

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In today’s digital world, families expect your funeral home to have a website. It’s the foundation for creating trustworthy relationships with your families.

Funeral directors may not think their funeral home needs a website if they have few or no competitors. But as Baby Boomers age, they’re the ones making their parents’ funeral arrangements. They may live in cities or even states away, so they’re using the internet for funeral planning. And if your funeral home doesn’t have a website, they’ll go elsewhere.

And it’s not just about the convenience for funeral planning. Websites provide innovative features for all your families no matter where they live. It opens the door to online purchases, such as memorial products and even funeral payments. It also creates personalization opportunities, such as online memorials, funeral webcasting, and other online-exclusive features.

Let’s discuss further why your funeral home should have a website and how it benefits you and your families.

A Website Creates Trust

A credible online presence shows families that you’re a trustworthy place to work with. Not only should you have a website, but it should have an appealing design. According to a study by psychologist and researcher Dr. Elizabeth Sillence, 94% of participants said website design contributes to whether they trust or distrust a company.

Plus, you can connect with families by sharing your funeral home’s story online. For example, maybe your funeral home has been run by your family for generations. Or maybe your funeral home is known for community engagement. By sharing your story, you connect with families on a more personal level.

Ease of Finding Information

No matter if families live out of state or down the block, they search online for the information they need. According to Blue Corona, 70-80% of people research businesses online before visiting them or purchasing something.

For funeral homes, this could be your products and services, contact information, or other information families want to know. They want to easily find this information, so if they can’t find it, they’ll find somewhere else that does.

Exclusive Online Features

A website can provide your funeral home and its families with convenient features only available online. It makes funeral planning more convenient for families, and it also provides them with additional resources. These could include grieving resources, personalization ideas, and the option to pay for products and services online.

For example, with a Frazer-powered website, your funeral home has access to these innovative features:

  • Social Tribute Walls for creating permanent virtual tributes.
  • Tribute Store to simplify the flower ordering process for families.
  • Tribute Pay to easily pay for products and services.
  • 360 Days of Healing email subscription for families coping with grief.
  • And much more Frazer-powered features.

With features like these, your funeral home can provide families with a truly unique and personalized funeral experience.

Keeping Up with Mobile

These days, families not only expect your funeral home to have a website; they expect it to be mobile-friendly. With 77% of Americans owning smartphones per the Pew Research Center, many families research your funeral home on a mobile device.

To learn everything you need to know about mobile for your funeral home, check out this free eBook.


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