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11 Volunteer Ideas for Your Funeral Home’s Staff

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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Volunteering is a great way for your funeral home’s staff to get involved in your community! You can establish yourselves as thought leaders while getting to know your current and potential client families. Talk about a win-win! And there are many volunteer ideas to choose from so you can find something that fits your funeral home’s brand!

Below are a few volunteer ideas for your funeral home’s staff to make a positive difference in your community!

1. Organize a Donation Collection.

A simple way to make a positive difference is to organize a donation collection. Whether it’s monetary donations for a local charity or food and supply donations for a local homeless shelter, you can reach out to your community members to make your collection goal.

2. Help an Animal Find Their Forever Home.

What’s a better way to spend your time volunteering than with adorable animals? Your staff can spend time with the animals at your community’s animal shelter. Whether they need help with cleaning or just playing with the animals, you can be there to help them find their forever homes.

3. Make the Earth a Little Cleaner.

Keep your community clean by organizing a trash pick-up event. It could be an Earth Day volunteer activity or whenever you wish because any time is a good time to take care of the environment.

4. Use Your Green Thumbs.

Another way to make a positive difference for your community members and the environment is to plant trees. Whether it’s around your facility or at a local park, gather your community’s green thumbs to help!

5. Make Someone Smile with Beautiful Flowers.

Repurpose funeral and sympathy flowers to make someone’s day! By partnering with programs like Random Acts of Flowers, they’ll recycle flowers into new bouquets for healthcare facilities throughout the country! Or your funeral home’s staff can deliver the flowers yourself to your local hospital, hospice center, or nursing home!

6. Volunteer At Your Local Hospital.

While delivering flowers, make the most of your time to your local hospital or another healthcare facility! Some other volunteer ideas include reading to the patients, playing board games with them, or simply saying hi and having a meaningful conversation.

7. Give Back to the Elderly.

Give back to your community’s elderly members. Maybe they need help with some yard work or house cleaning. Your staff can get a group together to help them out and spend some quality time with them.

8. Get Your Craft On.

Does your community have an annual bake sale or craft sale? Your staff can get together to bake treats or make crafts for the event. This also is a great opportunity to show your community the powerful impact memorial crafts have on grief and remembrance.

9. Invest Time in Your Community’s Students.

Support your local schools by getting involved in local school’s or community college’s events. Whether it’s a career day fair or needing chaperones for a school dance, your staff can volunteer your time!

10. Bring the Community Together.

Another way to get involved is for your funeral home to host your own event! It can be anything from a remembrance event to a movie showing with a powerful message about grief. Download our free event planning eBook for event planning tips!

11. Participate in Community Events.

If you don’t have the time to plan a volunteer event, another great idea is to participate at one! It could be a community walk/run for a notable cause, a holiday-related event, or another event that brings your community together!

What other volunteer ideas do you have? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. Dr. Nancy Moore

    This is so awesome! I do not work at a funeral home nor am I a Mortician or Funeral Director. I am a Dr in Ministry and I love getting our local rural funeral home involved. We just planned to do a Memorial Butterfly Release in June. We also have some ideas to get this funeral home more involved in the community.

    I am hoping to become their “Volunteer Chaplain”. I love getting your emails. I have used and shared so much of your ideas and thoughts. You have been very helpful in my grief and bereavement ministry, C in Through Loss. It has been so interesting that your thoughts and ideas and the projects I have done are in line with each other.

    I am so very thankful that receiving your newsletters does not require my being a funeral director.
    Dr. Nancy Moore


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