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4 Signs You Need to Refresh Your Funeral Home’s Brand

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Funeral Home Marketing

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Funeral homes, perhaps more so than any other type of business establishment, tend to have a unique personal story and identity.

This identity is usually rich and comprised of many different facets: owners who have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the funeral home’s success; employees who have dedicated themselves to working mightily through even the most upsetting scenarios; philosophies about life, death, and grieving; kind words and compassionate hugs exchanged between mourners.

First Impressions Matter

When an individual researches a business establishment they might need to contact, that business’ brand plays a central (if not primary) role in the decision-making process. An individual can quickly determine whether or not the business’s identity aligns with their own values by evaluating the look and feel of their branding assets: logo, website layout, color usage, fonts, photos, and even uniqueness.

In other words, your brand serves to identify your business, your story, and your values to potential customers. If you haven’t been serious about branding (or if you already know your brand could use a serious facelift), your funeral home might be unwittingly conveying the wrong message and telling families the wrong story.

Your brand is your most valuable asset. It is the first impression you’ll ever make with most of the people you come into contact with. Review this list to determine if it’s time to refresh your brand, and make sure your first impression isn’t your last.

1. Your Brand No Longer Represents Your Funeral Home’s Identity

Your identity and personal story have probably evolved over the years. If you feel that your identity has changed significantly, but that these changes have not been reflected in your branding, it might be time for an update.

2. Your Funeral Home Website Looks Like Your Competitor’s

These days, online search is the most popular method of discovery for almost everyone. Most individuals like to research several similar establishments to see which one speaks to them the most. If a searching family can’t distinguish between your website and your competitor’s very similar website, you will never stand out.

3. Your Brand Doesn’t Promise Anything

Good branding will speak on your behalf. It will communicate meaningful concepts, like reputability, compa­­­­ssion, honesty, or trustworthiness. Bad branding, on the other hand, will accidentally communicate the opposite (and steer a lot of people away in the process).

4. Your Logo Is Outdated or Low Quality

If your brand is your identity, your logo is the face. A logo is often seen everywhere: on your letterhead, on your facility itself, on signs, in brochures, and certainly all over your website. Surprisingly, many business owners spend little time on their logo or let a relative design it. Logo design should be left to someone with experience and good qualifications. If you’re iffy about your logo design, it almost certainly needs to be refreshed (or redesigned entirely).

Has your funeral home refreshed your brand recently? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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