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5 ways your funeral home can use video in 2017

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Funeral Profession

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Is your funeral home using video to tell your story?

A big trend that will continue to grow in 2017 will be the use of video to engage and inform client families. Video plays an important — and powerful — part in getting your funeral home’s message out into the community. A simple video can create a lasting emotional connection with families and your funeral home, making it more effective than some other marketing tactics.

Here are some of the reasons why you should start using video this year:

  • It helps families make a decision. A study from Hyperfine Media found that 90% of people say watching a video about a service or business will positively affect their decision.
  • Videos build trust between your funeral home and families.
  • Videos increase your listing on Google search results.
  • Videos help explain the differences between products and service options. Families aren’t funeral experts and many people are planning a funeral for the first time. A video is an easy way to explain who you are and the importance of what you offer.

Video marketing is set to explode in 2017 because of how easy it is for a small business to create their own. To get you started, we’ve put together a list of video ideas that are quick and easy to master and can help your funeral home distinguish itself in 2017.

1. A History of Your Funeral Home

This video concept works great for funeral homes because many have a rich history of serving the community. Instead of leaving families with long paragraphs to read about your funeral home, turn it into an exciting video. Use old pictures and narrate the important details that show how your funeral home got to where you are today and how it sets you apart from the competition. These types of videos show your authenticity and serve as a great introduction to new families.

2. How To/Demonstration

These also are known as “Ask the Expert” videos. Remember, many families are planning their first funeral. This style of video is great to explain concepts about planning, preplanning, or other tips and advice that benefit families. You also could have your staff answer a list of questions that are commonly asked by families and invite them to stop by the funeral home to learn more.

3. A Digital Tour

Is your funeral home a historic site in town or a recently renovated facility with the latest comforts and features? Show them off in a detailed tour video. It’s another great option for showing how your funeral home is different than the one across town.

4. Animated PowerPoint

This is a great type of video for those who don’t feel comfortable appearing in front of the camera themselves. And there are plenty of websites that can help you easily animate a slideshow. Check out Animoto to see this video style in action.

5. Monologue Video

A monologue-style video is simple to make and can cover a variety of topics. It involves talking directly into the camera and explaining anything from aftercare advice to personalization ideas for families.


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