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Basics of Direct Mail Marketing for Your Funeral Home

by | Mar 25, 2019 | Funeral Home Marketing

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Despite some beliefs, direct mail marketing is not dead. In fact, some would even say it’s making a comeback. Even though we’re living in an online world, people still like — and even look forward to — receiving direct mail, including Baby Boomers and Millennials. According to a USPS Household Diary study, 79% of consumers consider reading mail more useful than going online.

With a few simple steps, your funeral home can craft an engaging direct mail marketing campaign.

Decide Your Goal

The first step is to decide your campaign’s goal. What do you want to accomplish with your campaign? Maybe it’s to promote preplanning or a new service you offer like crowdfunding. Or it can showcase your funeral home’s renovated facility, an upcoming event, or even just a small catalog of your products and services.

Recruit Your Direct Mail Marketing Team

Once you decide your goal, it’s time to recruit your team. Your team should include a designer, writer, mail specialist, and data specialist.

The designer’s and writer’s responsibilities are pretty self-explanatory. The designer designs your mailer while the writer writes the copy. The mail specialist coordinates the printing and mailing. While the data specialist is responsible for the creation and upkeep of your mailing lists and databases, tracking the mailer response rates, and any digital marketing integration.

As for your mailing list, this can be an in-house mailing list to reach families you’ve served in the past. Or you can use a third-party mailing list to break down demographics such as age, gender, mailing address, household data, and job title and income.

Choose Your Mailer Type

When choosing your mailer type, make sure that it makes sense for your campaign goal and planned content and design. Some mailer options include a postcard, brochure, or a standard letter. For example, if it’s an event invitation, a standard letter makes the most sense. While if it’s a brief overview of your products and services, a brochure is your best option.

Craft the Content

Your mailer content should be concise, yet informative. Keep the focus on the main goal and call-to-action. For example, your call-to-action can be to visit your website, call your funeral home, sign and return a form, or another action that you want recipients to complete. Once you’re done writing your content, have multiple people proofread it for grammar, spelling, and fact errors.

Perfect the Design

Now that you have the content, it’s time to design the mailer! Your designer can create a piece that fits both your funeral home’s brand and the goal of your campaign. Consider things like the color, fonts, type size, graphics, and opportunities to add some personalization to your funeral home’s brand.

Send and Track Results

Once you have the designed mailer, you need to decide how you’re going to print and send it. And don’t forget to track the results of your campaign! Some ways you can do this are with a coupon or unique offer, personalized URL, or a unique phone number.

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