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Blog Topic Ideas for Your Funeral Home

by | Jan 2, 2020 | Funeral Home Marketing

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If your funeral home doesn’t have a blog yet, this is the year to start one! By having a blog on your funeral home’s website, you drive more traffic to your website, gain more leads, and show families that you’re a thought leader in your community.

When writing your blog, it’s important to focus on topics families will be interested in. They are looking for resources that will help them plan a funeral or offer them grief advice. Below, we’re sharing some blog topic ideas that your funeral home can use!


Your families are going to experience all kinds of grief. For instance, the grief from a traumatic death is much different than the grief one experiences after their elderly parent dies of natural causes. For each blog post, focus on a different kind of grief and offer coping tips for each one of them.

You could also write resources geared toward people who want to help someone who is grieving. Topics could include recipes to make for a grieving family or how to help a grieving coworker.


Writing blog articles about preplanning is a great way to inform families about this option. Share all the services you offer and outline the process of preplanning. Explain that preplanning allows them to make their service exactly how they want it and saves their families the stress of planning a service. When people are informed, they are more likely to consider this option.

Payment Options

If your funeral home uses Tribute Pay, use your blog to teach families about all the different payment options they have to choose from.

Check out these blogs for inspiration:


If someone is planning their first funeral, they may not know about all the ways they can personalize their loved one’s service. Write about all the ways they can make the funeral service unique to their loved one.

Here are some ideas that you could include:

  • Choose flowers that represent their loved one.
  • Have their loved one’s favorite local musician or choir perform.
  • Serve their loved one’s famous cookie recipe.
  • Create a Tribute Video of special photos and video clips.
  • Dress their loved one in their favorite outfit.


It’s a great idea to post blogs that are holiday-specific. For instance, during the winter holidays, many people are feeling especially melancholy about their loved one’s absence.

Share some ways they can work toward enjoying the holiday season again. You could also share ways to incorporate their loved one’s memory into new family traditions.

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