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Celebrating the Service and Work of Our Funeral Directors

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Funeral Profession

Thank You Note for Funeral Directors

On March 11, we celebrate National Funeral Director & Mortician Recognition Day — a day set aside to acknowledge the compassionate work and sacrifice that every funeral director and mortician puts into serving others.

While we think funeral directors should be appreciated all year long, we do think National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day is extremely important. That’s because many people outside of the funeral profession have no idea of the amount of work, sacrifice, and compassion you put into serving your communities. So we’re going to take the time to educate people outside the funeral profession about all the great things you do day in and day out.

Reasons We Appreciate You

Every day, our team works with countless funeral directors across North America. We see firsthand the great impact you make in the lives of the families you serve. Here’s why we appreciate all that you do.

Funeral Directors Are Strong

Funeral directors are some of the strongest people we know. From the everyday labor-intensive tasks around the funeral home to the emotional strength needed to guide families, it takes a special strength to do what you do.

Working Around the Clock to Care for Families

You are always there for your families — all the time. You respond to calls at any hour, on any day. You’re there to guide families through the planning process. You are there guiding them through the service. Funeral directors are there at a family’s darkest times, and they remain there to help guide them through the journey of grief — long after the funeral is over.

You Are Selfless

Funeral directors are always putting others first. Even if this means missing out on things that much of us take for granted, such as spending the holidays with family or friends. Funeral directors sacrifice so much as part of their commitment to serve those who need it most.

Funeral Directors Are Creative

Everyone says wedding planners are creative, but they have months to plan a wedding. We all know who the real creative ones are. Funeral directors plan beautiful, intricately detailed services — sometimes within a few short days.

That’s because funeral directors truly care and listen. They have superb attention to detail, and they use that to create meaningful and personal rituals for their families.

You Serve Your Community Year Round

Funeral directors’ commitment to serve extends outside of their funeral home and reaches out to their communities. Every week in our Funeral Home Happenings blogs, we see firsthand the great work funeral directors are doing to enrich their communities. From hosting educational events, fundraisers, remembrance dinners, holiday parties, and supporting countless other charities, funeral directors serve others all year round.

You Inspire Us

We also appreciate you because you inspire us. We are honored to get the chance to work with such committed, caring, and compassionate people. Working together with you, we hope to help you continue to create meaningful funeral experiences for your families.

These are just a few of the many reasons we are so thankful for the work that you do.

The Frazer Consultants team and our families sincerely thank you for all that you do to make the world a brighter place!

Please feel free to share some stories, kind messages, or thoughts of appreciation to a funeral director or mortician in our comments section below!


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