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Create Custom-Made Keepsakes Using Funeral Software

by | Dec 19, 2011 | Funeral Personalization, Funeral Technology

Funeral professionals can create custom-made memorial keepsakes in-house using the most advanced funeral software.

When someone close to our hearts passes away, often we want to hold onto something as a memento of that person’s life. Funeral professionals can easily provide client families these keepsakes — including custom-made funeral stationery, Tribute Videos, and funeral candles — using Tribute Center.

This robust software is easy to use and affordable. Each item can be personalized in-house using preformatted templates and hundreds of themes. Client families will be relieved to know their funeral professional can really handle everything, right down to providing the memorial keepsakes.

Tribute Center’s Custom Tributes

Funeral Stationery

From register books to prayer cards, bookmarks, and memorial folders, this funeral software does it all.

Tribute Center’s funeral stationery offerings include:

Visit our shop to see our full selection of stationery products and keepsakes!

Tribute Videos

Tribute Video software enables the funeral professional to use photographs and video clips to create a cinematic-quality video tribute. This easy-to-use software is paired with a large library of licensed music and the ability to incorporate personal messages from the family or friends. It enables a funeral professional to offer client families a great keepsake for those left behind.

Funeral Candles

For hundreds of years, candles have been used at vigils, chapels of rest, funerals, and crematoriums to symbolize everlasting life. Now, personalized memorial candles can be designed and created for home, the funeral, or celebration of life services.

This type of keepsake can be a wonderful part of a unique tribute saying farewell to someone. If you light them at the funeral, you can then give the candles to the family to take home. Then, they can light them on special days of remembrance and continue to give comfort.

Using our funeral software, Tribute Center, you can personalize funeral candles with words, a poem, or even a picture. Then, you can give them to the family or the family can give it to other service attendees as a sympathy gift.

Personalization Like Never Before

Our easy-to-use funeral software offers more than 500 themes to capture a loved one’s interests, hobbies, or occupation. Each theme includes a layout for every type of funeral stationery, allowing funeral directors to provide their families with personalization like never before.

The 500 themes offer quite an inventory, but it doesn’t end there. These themes merely act as a frame to allow a funeral home to incorporate personal family photos, which create a truly unique piece of stationery. Think about the wow factor of a package that allows for endless design possibilities!

When you talk about personalization, how can only having seven or eight themed stationery packages work? When you think about all the different interests, hobbies, occupations, or religious backgrounds a person can have, you realize it won’t.

What we have is a way for funeral homes to get rid of all pre-printed stock. The only thing you have to inventory with us is blank stock.

Funeral Directors Love Tribute Center

Every funeral home’s mission revolves around providing the best possible service to families who are seeking a unique, personal tribute to a loved one. Is there anything more disappointing to a family than a generic funeral that could have been for almost anyone?

Technology has provided tools for the funeral director’s tool belt to allow him or her to rise to the challenge and create a meaningful memorial. With Tribute Center, this level of personalization is possible without much work.

One of the biggest perks of using Tribute Center is the ability to print on-demand. The benefits of this are threefold.

Firstly, it reduces the need for a wide variety of pre-printed inventory in your funeral home. Secondly, you are not sweating out a delivery from a third party when a visitation is about to begin. Finally, your funeral home will realize significant savings on printing costs. Plus, no one will go home empty-handed because restocking supply is as easy as clicking “print.”

From the moment you download the Tribute Center software, you’ll recognize how easy it is to use this funeral software. Plus, you’ll see that the support we have to offer is wonderful. From online training videos to our 24/7/365 friendly technical support, we are available to assist you every step of the way.

With Frazer Consultants’ all-in-one suite Tribute Center and just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create a completely personalized service in-house. Your families will get what they want — the ultimate in funeral personalization — and you’ll get what you need — a solution that’s easy, quick, and affordable.

What Funeral Directors Have to Say About Tribute Center

“I have never seen a more personal, professional product that generates more public awareness than the Frazer line… We find that the memorial folders are being kept, people who normally don’t notice do notice, and we have the chance to be proactive on this product in the community.”

— Marty Mitchell, owner of the Mitchell Family Funeral Home in Marshalltown, Iowa

“We need to simplify things because of the most important thing to us is the time that’s involved. We can do a complete set of memorials and register books within fifteen, twenty minutes if not less time. So, it makes a big difference in the structured time-frame in our day.”

— Art Kunkle, owner of Curran-Saffer Funeral Home in Apollo, Pennsylvania

“We have been working with Frazer Consultants for about the last ten years. We started initially with them with their candle program and about four years ago we integrated the personalized stationery products into the offerings that we have for our families.

It’s been huge for us. It’s a great option for families. Some families like something very simple, very traditional — other families want all the bells and whistles. Frazer’s products allow that.

I know they are cutting edge. They are always looking for the next, newest thing out there. And, that’s the person to follow.

Families love the video tributes. When we started with it, we had to sell it, but now they actually bring their pictures first because they know they want this and they’ve seen it often. We’ve been able to put together some really nice video tributes.”

— John Wenig, president of the Wenig Funeral Home in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

Families Love Tribute Center

As the people in our lives leave us in death, we visit the objects they left behind — a favorite sweater, a book collection, and other items — to retain our connection with them. Over the years, many of their belongings seem to disappear; clothes are donated and random items are cleared away for new things.

Although these were personal possessions of the deceased during their life, they don’t provide a touchstone to the totality of the person’s life. For this reason, funeral keepsakes have become an important part of coping with loss and paying tribute to the dead.

Funeral keepsakes offer mementos on which mourners can reflect and remember the deceased. A customized keepsake lives long after the services are over and is something your clients will truly enjoy.

To start personalizing your funeral stationery, download Tribute Center today


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