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Did You Know Tribute Center Integrates with Your Frazer-Powered Website?

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Personalization

Tribute Center printed piece

Is your funeral home making the most of your Frazer-powered website? Website integrations can save your funeral home’s staff valuable time and turn your website into a business solution. For example, your Frazer-powered website integrates with Tribute Center, our all-in-one personalization suite.

With Tribute Center, your funeral home can create personalized mementos, funeral stationery products, and so much more. Families truly do appreciate the little details like these. When my grandparents passed away, the funeral home used Tribute Center to create stunning Life Journey Candles. It didn’t take the staff a lot of extra time to create these, but it meant the world to my family and gave us beautiful mementos to remember them by.

You’re already entering the information needed for these memorial products on your website, so why not take advantage of this feature and expand your merchandise selection for families? If your funeral home wants to streamline the obituary and memorial product creation process, you’ve come to the right place.

Create a More Efficient Process with Tribute Center

Since Tribute Center integrates with your website, it creates a more convenient process by eliminating double data entry. This way, your staff doesn’t have to waste time entering the same information for the obituary and memorial products. Then, you have more time for other funeral preparation tasks. Just enter the information once and let our platform do the rest.

It also integrates with all printer types. If you need help with the printing calibration, our support team is happy to help you. They also can do some test prints to make sure everything turns out nicely.

Ease of Use for Everyone

Creating a more efficient process doesn’t have to make things more difficult for your staff. In fact, we designed our website and personalization suite integration to make things easier for you. Like your website’s admin panel, Tribute Center is easy for anyone to navigate, no matter how tech-savvy you consider yourself. So, you don’t have to waste hours that you don’t have to learn the system.

And if you do come across questions along the way, we’re happy to help. Check out our support portal to explore our FAQ collection and chat with a consultant if needed.

Affordable for Everyone

Our personalization suite software is free to download, and it’s affordable for everyone since it’s a pay-per-use interface. So, no matter your funeral home’s annual call volume, it’s customized to your needs. And, you can use as little or as many of the features as you’d like. Let’s discuss a few of these features in the next few sections.

Make Beautiful Tribute Videos

One of the many personalized memorial products you can create is Tribute Videos. These are customized tributes to a loved one’s life that you can play during the service and offer as a keepsake option to families. By combining family photos with nearly 200 intros and endings, 400 licensed songs, 850 high-quality stock video clips, and 500 themes for DVD packaging, you can create truly unique mementos.

Plus, they’re easy for your staff to create. The video software synchronizes the transitions and music, and you can even view a live preview option before finalizing it. And, if the family gives you physical photos, the high-speed scan technology will make it quick to scan them into the system.

Once you’re done with the Tribute Video, you can add it to your Frazer-powered website with just a few clicks. Then, family and friends can easily locate it on their loved one’s Tribute Wall. Or, you also can create a file to upload to YouTube or Vimeo, or burn it to a DVD to play at the service and offer as a keepsake.

Personalize Meaningful Memorial Products

You also can create personalized funeral stationery products with more than 500 customizable themes, preloaded verses, and stylized texts. Or, you can add your own custom background images if the family has a specific image in mind. This way, you’re not limited to pre-printed themes and can customize the layout of the memorial products with the drag-and-drop interface. A few product examples are funeral register books, memorial folders, Life Journey Candles, bookmarks, and prayer cards.

There’s also Tribute eGuest, a digital funeral register book. With this tool, your staff can adapt to technology while still maintaining tradition. All of your staff members can create and view funeral register books from the easy-to-use dashboard. It also integrates with Tribute Center so you can print keepsake guestbooks, created customized thank-you cards and mailing labels with guest information, and more.


  1. Anne Houle

    The picture at the beginning of this article-this is one of your products? I use your product and never seen this before.

    • Jenny Goldade

      Hi Anne,

      This is from our Pathways theme, but the layout pictured actually comes from the candle design for that theme. Hope this helps!




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