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Find the perfect spring flower arrangement for sympathy

by | Apr 14, 2017 | For Families, Funeral Flowers

Flowers on display in buckets

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.” — Luther Burbank

It’s true. Flowers do wonders for our mood. Even in our darkest moments, flowers seem to light a spark within our soul. It’s why flowers are universal in all our mourning rituals — funeral services, gravesite memorials, sympathy gifts, and mementos.

With spring in full bloom, we wanted to share our favorite spring arrangements that would make a great sympathy gift or memorial service centerpiece.

Spring Flower Arrangements

Beloved floral arrangement
Beloved — This arrangement is filled with numerous white lilies, the classic spring symbol of purity.
Heaven on Earth floral arrangement
Heaven on Earth — This bouquet is delicately decorated with classic spring pastel colors of soft blue and pink flowers.
Garden Bliss floral arrangement
Garden Bliss — This basket replicates a spring garden bursting in full bloom with even more classic spring pastels.
Butterfly floral arrangement
Butterfly Garden — Like the garden basket above, this arrangement is packed with colors of spring and even butterfly decorations to mimic a lively garden.
Sweetheart floral arrangement
Sweetheart — What’s more heartfelt than a collection of pink spring carnations? Carnations are the classic flower of remembrance and love.
Timeless floral arrangement
Timeless — This arrangement is another one that evokes the symbolic color of white as a symbol of purity and hope.
Kalanchoes and Ivy floral arrangement
Kalanchoes and Ivy — This basket showcases the best of spring – vibrant green gardens. Green has traditionally been the symbol of nature and renewal.
My Sunshine floral arrangement
My Sunshine — This basket is bursting with bright yellow – meaning lasting friendships, new beginnings, and heartfelt sympathy. It’s a breath of fresh air and bright color after a long winter.
Lavender Fields floral arrangement
Lavender Fields — Lavender has a long history as a symbol to soothe and represent a calmness, and purple is a classic symbol of sympathy and mourning.
Love of Pink
Love of Pink — This last bouquet is another one jam-packed with pink, the sign of grace, remembrance, and love.

Other Flower Arrangement Resources

Want to learn more about the meaning behind different flowers and their different colors? Check out our infographics to learn more:

Don’t forget that sympathy flowers also can be turned into long-lasting keepsakes. Flower bookmarks, potpourri, jewelry; you can use your sympathy flowers to create meaningful mementos that preserve their beauty and sentiment.


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