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Five Interesting Things We Saw on the ICCFA Expo Floor

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Funeral Profession

Convention hall

Weren’t able to attend this year’s ICCFA Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina? There was a lot to see on the ICCFA expo floor, from innovative ideas to the latest funeral profession trends.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our recap! Below are a few of the most interesting things we saw while walking the ICCFA expo floor!

1. Unique Memorial Products

Families want unique and personalized ways to honor and remember their loved ones. One simple, yet meaningful way to do this is to incorporate a loved one’s photo into the memento. A photo of a loved one serves as a powerful reminder and tribute of them. We saw several photo-based mementos, such as blankets with a loved one’s photo printed on them, memorial frames, and our Life Journey Candles and other Tribute Center funeral stationery mementos.

2. Beautiful Urns

Speaking of photographs, we saw many beautiful urns, including some with a loved one’s photo printed on them. But there were many other non-photo options that are just a personal, such as ones with a unique design or decorated with a loved one’s favorite color. With cremation on the rise and only gaining more momentum, there are many unique cremation memorial items out there for your funeral home.

3. Innovative Tools and Products

There were a lot of innovative tools at the ICCFA expo, especially for those in the pet funeral business. Not only were there a lot of pet-related tools, but pet funerals also were a key topic throughout many of the breakout sessions. A few tools and products that stood out to us were environmentally friendly pet caskets and pet transportation racks.

4. Delicious Food

Hungry convention-goers got a taste of southern comfort food with the delicious food samples scattered throughout the expo floor. Attendees could grab a bite to eat while checking out the booths and meeting other funeral professionals. From chicken and waffles to my favorite — fried cheesy artichoke hearts, no one left the convention center hungry!

5. Frazer Consultants Social Media Packages

At the Frazer Consultants booth, convention-goers could chat with our sales consultants and pick up issue 10 of The Meaningful Funeral to learn about our newest service: social media packages. Our goal with these packages is to help your funeral home with in-depth account management and accomplish your goals, whether that’s increasing engagement or growing your followers.

Were you at the convention? What other interesting things did you see on the ICCFA expo floor? Share them with us in the comments!


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