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Frazer Consultants Offers Funeral Professionals Personalized Remembrance Ornaments

by | Oct 9, 2010 | Remembrance Programs

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A special type of holiday ornament is a holiday remembrance ornament. Remembrance ornaments inspire peace among those who are mourning.

Usually, you give a remembrance ornament to mourners during the holiday season following the death of a loved one. However, there is no set timeframe for giving this wonderful keepsake.

Easy to Personalize In-House

Frazer Consultants gives funeral professionals the ability to create personalized holiday remembrance ornaments in-house, quickly and easily.

“Our remembrance ornaments serve many purposes,” said Matt Frazer, president of Frazer Consultants. “They can be given to client families to serve as a simple token of appreciation for choosing your funeral home or hospice. These holiday ornaments also can be given in connection with funeral preplanning or aftercare services or presented during a holiday remembrance program.”

The delicate glass ornaments are hand-blown and tipped with 22k gold. Each ornament can be quickly and easily personalized in-house. Include their name, birth date, and death date or any other text.

Using the template, decals, and a printer, funeral professionals can create a special memorial keepsake. After personalization, place each ornament in its gift box for presentation to the family.

“We currently have four different ornaments from which to choose,” said Frazer. “Each ornament is beautifully handmade with care and attention to detail like no other.”

The template, labels, gift boxes, and technical support are free of charge with every order.

Remembrance Ornaments as a Gift

A small gift like a remembrance ornament is perfect to include with the other services you provide. It’s the perfect keepsake that families will cherish.

Year after year, families will admire their ornament on the tree and remember your friendly service. Word of mouth is the best source of marketing and an ornament will generate conversation about who gifted it.

How you present the remembrance ornament is your choice. Some include it as a staple item during preplanning or aftercare services. Others use it as the cornerstone of their holiday programs.

The first holiday season without a loved one is particularly difficult for most people. Consider hosting a holiday program for the families you have served throughout the year. Additionally, you can hang custom remembrance ornaments from the tree in your funeral home. This gesture will touch the families you serve.

In addition, an event is an excellent opportunity for families to comfort one another during the holidays.

Regardless of when you gift the ornament, you can be sure it will comfort families year after year.

Call Frazer Consultants at 866-372-9372 for a free ornament sample!


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