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Funeral Home Marketing: Guide on Creating a Compelling Call-To-Action

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing

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When it comes to marketing your funeral home and finding potential client families, having a compelling and clear call-to-action is crucial.

A call-to-action is the action that you want users to complete after engaging with your marketing content. An effective call-to-action statement encourages users to learn more without being too pushy. But how do you go about writing a call-to-action?

Below are some tips on how to create a compelling call-to-action for your funeral home’s marketing.

Be Straightforward

Families shouldn’t have to guess at what the expected action is or how to complete it. Don’t assume that they know what you want them to do. Make it as clear as possible what the action you want them to complete is and why it’s beneficial to them.

For example, for a call-to-action about preplanning, it could simply be to call your funeral home to learn about preplanning options. Or it could highlight your funeral home’s easy-to-use online preplanning form.

There are many actions you can choose from for your call-to-action. Of course, it will depend on the topic and what your funeral home is trying to market, but these are some examples:

  • Download a free resource
  • Contact your funeral home via phone call or email
  • Visit your funeral home in-person
  • Fill out a preplanning form
  • Sign up for your funeral home’s newsletter
  • Follow your funeral home’s social media accounts
  • RSVP for your funeral home’s event or holiday remembrance program
  • Register for your funeral home’s educational webinar or seminar
  • Order memorial products

Be Concise

Conciseness may be the tricky part. Your call-to-action is typically just one or two sentences long. Ideally, the shorter the better. It isn’t the place to go into heavy detail about a product or service. If it’s about one of your funeral home’s products or services, pick one aspect to focus on.

Below is a call-to-action example:

Download our free grief guide to learn healthy ways to cope with the grief of losing a loved one.

In this example, the action and benefits are clear to the user. They know you want them to download a free grief guide, and they can click the linked text “Download our free grief guide” to download it. By downloading it, they know they’ll learn healthy ways to cope with their grief.

Think of Your Target Audience

Keep your audience in mind when working on a call-to-action. Who is it that you’re marketing to and what action do you want them to complete?

For example, maybe you wrote a blog post about grieving the loss of a grandparent. Your target audience is likely younger generations, like Millennials, so make sure your call-to-action reflects that. You don’t want to choose something too salesy for this blog post’s topic either, so you could encourage readers to follow your funeral home on social media. For Millennials, you could push social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter if your funeral home is on those.

If it’s a blog post aimed at older generations, like Baby Boomers, then you may want to focus on Facebook. According to the Pew Research Center, more than 40% of Americans age 65 and older use Facebook.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Families

When creating a call-to-action, don’t overwhelm your families with too many options. Stick with one or two actions for them to complete.

For example, if your call-to-action is for families to follow your funeral home on social media, choose one or two social media platforms to focus on. Asking families to follow all of your funeral home’s social media pages at once is too overwhelming.

Or if your call-to-action is encouraging families to contact your funeral home, choose one or two methods of contact, such as a phone number and visiting your funeral home in-person. If they’re interested in contacting your funeral home, they’ll go to your website to view all your contact information if they want another form of contact.

Do Some Testing

Don’t forget to track your results to see how effective your call-to-action was at getting leads for your funeral home. You also can play around with the call-to-action to see what versions perform best and get the most engagement.

For example, let’s say you want to encourage families to download your free grief guide. One version could say “Download our free grief guide…” and the other “Click here to get your copy of our free grief guide…” You can measure the results to see what version gets the most clicks and downloads.


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