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Funeral Procession Safety Tips

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Funeral Profession, Funeral Technology

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Many funeral directors know that funeral procession etiquette has become a thing of the past with many drivers not knowing what to do when they are near one. That’s why you and your client families have to be extra careful when you’re in a funeral procession.

Below are a few tips on how your families can stay safer while in a funeral procession.

Maintain Speed

It’s important that you remind your client families that they need to drive at a steady pace when in a funeral procession. Suddenly speeding up or slowing down will make it difficult for the other cars in the procession to follow, and it can confuse drivers outside of the procession.

Follow Close

Families need to stay close to the car in front of them. It’s important that they don’t leave too much space in between or a car outside of the procession may cut in. Make sure your families are familiar with your state’s ordinances on funeral processions and who gets the right-of-way (in most cases you do).

Stay Visible

Make it clear to the last family member in the funeral procession that their car needs to be appropriately marked with two funeral flags while their hazards are flashing. This way, it’s clear to other drivers that they need to yield to the line of cars in the funeral procession.

Pay Attention

Many of the family members may be distraught on their way to their loved one’s service. Suggest they have someone else drive if they find it hard to focus on the road. Also, families need to be aware of drivers outside of the procession since some drivers don’t follow funeral procession etiquette.

Make Sure Everyone Knows the Destination

Unfortunately, not all drivers outside the funeral procession will be courteous and may cut off someone in the procession. That’s why it’s important that everyone has directions to the funeral service.

On every Frazer-powered website, there is a Text Directions feature. With this feature, families can have directions to their loved one’s funeral service sent directly to their phones. That way, your staff can focus on providing the best service possible instead of contacting lost family members.


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