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Generation C: It Isn’t an Age Group; It’s a Mindset

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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There are many words that describe Generation C: connection, community, content creators, curation, computerized, creative, collaborative. Most importantly, Generation C isn’t an age group; it’s a mindset of people connected and engaged with technology.

Let’s discuss who makes up this generation and how your funeral home can cater to their funeral wants and needs.

Who Makes up Generation C?

65% of Generation C is under age 35, per Google, but they’re from all generations. Your age doesn’t matter; it’s how you engage with technology.

Technology plays a significant role in this generation’s life. They use it to search for content from all types of devices and platforms, especially videos on YouTube.

What Are Their Characteristics?

They’re content creators and thought leaders.

They’re content creators who are constantly looking for internet-worthy content to share on social media. And they use a variety of resources to do their research; they want to be thought leaders about their topics of interest. Like Baby Boomers, they want to be in control.

According to the study by Google:

  • 90% of Gen C create internet content at least monthly.
  • 83% have posted a picture online.
  • 59% say the internet is their main source of entertainment.

They integrate technology into their daily routine.

They turn to their phone for both entertainment and connection. 38% turn to their phone first for entertainment, per Google. They use it for their daily routines, like looking up the answer to a question, messaging friends, posting a funny article, the list goes on.

Generation C prefers online videos over traditional methods. According to Google, 66% of Gen C said they spend the same amount of time or more watching online videos versus traditional TV. They still watch traditional TV, but it isn’t their go-to choice of entertainment.

They’re connected online.

This generation has a strong need and desire to be connected with others on the internet.

Per Google:

  • 55% are connected to 100 or more people through social sites.
  • 15% are connected to 500 or more people through social sites.

They respect their friends’ opinions and turn to them when making important decisions, such as an online purchase. They also may turn to videos for reviews and opinions about the products and services they’re considering.

How Can Your Funeral Home Market to Generation C?

More Technology

Your funeral home should make the most of technology in both your services and marketing efforts. You can offer families more creative and easy-to-access online resources, such as a preplanning guide, grief resources, memorial ideas, and many more. You also may want to make more marketing videos about your products and services.

Download our free Modern Funeral Director eBook for some technology inspiration.

More YouTube

To reach this generation, your funeral home may want to make more YouTube videos or create a YouTube page if you don’t already have one.

Per Google:

  • 76% of Gen C visit YouTube weekly.
  • 56% follow through after watching YouTube ads.
  • 46% think of YouTube as alternative TV.

Not only do you have to create videos, they also have to be click-worthy. If they don’t quickly grab their attention, they’ll tune out.

For some YouTube tips, check out this YouTube article.

More Mobile-Friendliness

With Gen C searching on all types of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, your funeral home’s website needs to be responsive. If your site isn’t beautiful and functional on all devices, then Gen C won’t waste their time trying to navigate it.

Download our free Mobile eBook to learn everything you need to know about mobile for your funeral home.

How does your funeral home incorporate technology into your services? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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