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Help the Environment with the Tribute Store Memorial Tree Program

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Funeral Flowers

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With climate change being a major conversation topic, more people are educated on how their lifestyle impacts the planet, including in death. Therefore, when funeral planning, one factor many families are increasingly concerned about is their environmental impact.

As more people are inspired to go green, they’re interested in working with environmentally conscious businesses. So, how can your funeral home provide families the green options they’re looking for? That’s where our Tribute Store Memorial Tree Program comes in. You can show that your funeral home is taking action, while also offering a meaningful way to honor a loved one’s life.

Help the Environment

The 2019 NFDA Consumer Awareness and Preferences Survey found that more than half of the respondents are interested in exploring green funeral options. Not only do they want their end-of-life decisions to not harm the environment, but they also want options that can help the environment. The Tribute Store Memorial Tree Program is one way your funeral home can help families accomplish this.

Below are some of the many positive environmental benefits of planting trees.

  • Trees ensure quality air by removing excess carbon, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere. Trees then turn this carbon into the oxygen we breathe.
  • Removing harmful greenhouse gases contributes to a lower-carbon economy. This helps reduce the harmful effects of climate change.
  • Trees are a major part of a healthy ecosystem, providing habitat and food for a variety of wildlife.

How the Memorial Tree Program Works

The program arranges for the planting of memorial trees in honor of families’ loved ones. Plus, it requires no additional work from your funeral home. Like with flower orders, families can place a memorial tree order directly through Tribute Store on their loved one’s obituary.

Once they place the memorial tree order, they receive a certificate with their receipt — a perfect memento they can frame and proudly display in their home. Your funeral home also will receive a copy of the certificate that you can pass along to the family if you wish.

Our forestry partners, American Forests in the U.S. and the Canadian Institute of Forestry in Canada, work with their networks of planting partners throughout North America. They’ll determine the tree species depending on what grows best in that area and what best helps the environment.

The Memorial Tree Program not only shows your commitment to helping families grieve but also offering them a unique memorial tribute that positively impacts the environment. It also provides your funeral home with a brand-new revenue stream.

How Your Funeral Home Contributes

All of the U.S. memorial trees purchased in 2018 and 2019 were donated to the same project. The large project that the memorial trees were donated to is called Kirtland’s Warbler Restoration in the Great Lakes Region of Northern Michigan. The project is across multiple Midwest states, but the Tribute Store memorial trees purchased in 2018 and 2019 were all planted in the Michigan portion.

The planting partner for this project is the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Their goal is to plant 1.8 million Jack Pine and Red Pine trees across 1,213 acres. Specifically, their focus is to provide the endangered Kirtland’s warbler songbirds the forest area they need for breeding. Additionally, wood products help support the local forest economy.

How it Benefits Your Families

Ordering a memorial tree from the Tribute Store is a simple and straightforward process for families. Once they’ve placed the tree order, our planting partners will take care of the rest and plant the tree in the area of greatest need. Due to seasonal conditions, tree planting takes place during the spring and summer. So, if families order trees during the planting season, the planting of those trees may not occur until the next year.

Families will receive a certificate along with their order receipt. Every year, our forestry partners also issue an official report to us. It outlines the details of all the specific tree plantings, including the species, amount, and area of each tree, and we communicate those details with our funeral home partners so they can pass it along to their client families.

Ultimately, the Memorial Tree Program provides a unique tribute that contributes to preserving the environment like no other memorial gift. It’s the perfect gift for families to honor a loved one’s life, while also positively impacting the environment.


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