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How to Create a Program Folder in Tribute Center [Video]

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Funeral Personalization, Funeral Profession Videos, Funeral Technology


With our all-in-one personalization suite Tribute Center, your funeral home’s staff can create personalized funeral stationery products for your client families, such as program folders. Watch this video to see the quick and easy step-by-step process for creating a program folder.

After selecting your memorial product, fill out the deceased’s information in the data tab. This data will sync across all Tribute Center products and your Frazer website, so you only need to fill it out once. Next, choose your theme. To download additional themes, use the Online Themes Library. Then, use the layout, background, photo, and text tools to design your program folder. When placing your images, scale them using the slider and drag them within the frame to change the crop position. Before printing your finished creation, check the preview carefully.


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