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How to Make Your Holiday Remembrance Program Stand Out [Video]

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Funeral Profession Videos, Remembrance Programs


Hi, I’m Sam Giedris the social media and video specialist here at Frazer. Today I want to share some tips from our holiday remembrance eBook to help your next remembrance event stand out.

Planning a remembrance program during the busy holiday season can seem daunting. So, try partnering with a local organization to ease the burden. Nursing homes, hospice caregivers, churches, and other religious organizations are just a few possible partners.

Picking a date is the top priority. Choose a date that’s near the holidays but not so close that people may be out of town or have other plans. Consider evenings or weekends so families won’t have to take off work to attend. Be sure to check your community’s calendar to ensure there are no conflicting dates. And if you’re booking a venue, make sure that your ideal date and time is available.

Once the date is set, spread the word. Mail invitations to families you’ve served in the past year. Send a press release to local newspapers and news stations and promote the event on your funeral home’s social media pages. Make sure your announcements include an email and phone number with instructions to RSVP, so you can get an accurate headcount.

One way to make your event really stand out and seem extra personal is to get families a gift like a memorial candle or a personalized holiday ornament. Make sure you order your gifts early and get a few extra. You may have unexpected guests arriving and attendees may want to order more for their extended family.

To get even more tips for hosting a holiday remembrance program, including a checklist that can help you stay on track, click here to download our eBook.


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