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How Your Funeral Home Can Cater to Your Community’s Senior Citizens

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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In honor of World Senior Citizen Day on August 21, we want to help you cater to your community’s senior citizens. By getting involved in your funeral home’s community, you can help educate them about funeral planning and invite them to fun events to brighten their day.

Below are a few ideas for your funeral home to get started!

Host Educational Seminars

Your funeral home can help educate senior citizens about funeral planning and coping with grief by hosting educational seminars. For example, a “Pizza and Preplan” event can help them understand their funeral options and choose what’s best for them. Or, a seminar about coping with grief can help them grieve the loss of their spouse, friends, or other loved ones. The event could double as a remembrance dinner to honor their loved ones while providing some healthy grieving tips.

You also can provide them with educational resources to help them make an educated decision. And by having your funeral home’s staff available at the event, they can answer any of their questions and concerns and get started on the funeral planning process if they’re ready.

Plan Fun Community Events

You also can plan some just-for-fun community events to brighten their day. Some ideas include planning a Bingo event, movie screening, or group dinner. You also can plan some holiday-themed events, such as for Valentine’s Day or Halloween. Write them all Valentine’s Day cards or have a Halloween costume contest. This can mean the world to those who don’t have family in the area to celebrate with.

Provide Senior Citizens Transportation to Events

Many senior citizens may want to attend your events, but don’t have a way to get there. To help them out, your funeral home can take it a step further and provide a shuttle service to and from your events.

For example, McDonald & Son Funeral Home and Crematory provides a free bus service to their events. This way, seniors who can no longer drive can still join in on their events, whether it’s a movie screening or Bingo game. They bought the 25-passenger bus, and it includes features like a 40-inch flat screen TV, safety cameras, and first-aid supplies.

Partner with Your Local Nursing Homes

Event planning takes time, but your funeral home doesn’t have to do it alone! Partner with your local nursing homes for these events. Plus, then you have double the resources to use and more people to help plan it. And by building relationships with nursing homes and hosting community events, it puts your funeral home in mind when the time comes to funeral plan.


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