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How Your Funeral Home Can Connect with Families This Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 7, 2018 | Funeral Profession

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For many, Valentine’s Day brings to mind red roses, decadent chocolates, and time spent with the one we love the most. But for others, the day is just another reminder of what’s missing. That’s why Valentine’s Day presents a perfect opportunity for funeral homes to connect with their community.

Below we’ve outlined four strategies your funeral home can use this holiday to make a lasting impression on families.

Valentine’s Day Lunch for Seniors

A recent study found that close to 60% of nursing home residents receive absolutely no visitors throughout the year. That means to them, Valentine’s Day is simply just another day. But your funeral home has the opportunity to make it more meaningful.

Hosting a free lunch is a great way to transform Valentine’s Day into something memorable for your local seniors.

Here are a few ideas to make your lunch extra special:

  • Give away a small door prize to each guest, such as a crossword puzzle, hand lotion, a houseplant, or even a handmade valentine.
  • Have some entertainment along with the lunch, such as live music or a movie.
  • Plan some Valentine’s Day-themed activities, such as Valentine charades or Valentine candy bingo.
  • Partner with local nursing homes, restaurants, or others in the community to make planning the lunch that much easier.

For help planning your lunch, download our free event planning guide.

Care Packages to Recent Widowers and Widows

For recent widows or widowers, Valentine’s Day is an especially tough day to get through. The constant imagery of love and affection associated with the holiday can bring back memories and cause grief to surge.

Take the proactive approach with your funeral home. Create care packages to send to recent widows or widowers throughout your community.

Here are some care package items to include:

  • A book on grief or other grief resources.
  • A grief journal to help them express themselves in a healthy way.

For more ideas, check out our article on creating care packages.

Valentines for Deployed Soldiers or Veterans

Your funeral home also can show love to our soldiers and veterans this Valentine’s Day. Many funeral homes around the country participate in Operation Valentine or Operation Gratitude. Both programs help deliver handmade Valentines and care packages to soldiers serving overseas, their families at home, and to our veterans. Click here to see how your funeral home can get involved.

Heart Health Education

February also is American Heart Month, which makes Valentine’s Day a perfect day for your funeral home to host an educational event or seminar on the importance of living a heart-healthy life. For an overview of American Heart Month and ideas for how your funeral home can show your support, check out this article.

How does your funeral home plan on connecting with the community this Valentine’s Day?


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