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Importance of Posting Obituaries As Soon As Possible

by | May 14, 2019 | Funeral Home Websites

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When funeral planning, one of the first items to complete is the obituary. There’s a lot that goes into creating a meaningful obituary that tells a loved one’s life story. From the deceased’s personality and pastimes to the little details of their life that capture their essence.

While your funeral home’s staff should take the time to learn who the deceased was, it’s also important to get the obituary posted online as soon as possible. However, you shouldn’t just post it right away and sacrifice quality. But rather, the obituary should be a top priority on the funeral planning to-do list.

Below are some of the benefits of quickly posting obituaries online.

Increases Website Traffic

The faster you post your obituaries, the more traffic it brings to your funeral home’s website. This not only spreads the word about your funeral home but also boosts your website’s search engine optimization. You also can share the obituaries on your funeral home’s social media pages to get even more traffic back to your website.

More Funeral Attendance

Posting the obituaries as far in advance as possible also gets the word out faster about the funeral services. This gives families more time to share the information with relatives and friends. For those who live out of town, they have more time to make travel plans for the funeral.

Increases Flower Orders

The sooner you post the obituaries, the more time for family and friends to order sympathy flowers. For example, with the Tribute Store on Frazer-powered websites, families can easily order flowers directly from a loved one’s obituary on their Tribute Wall. With the Frazer Flower Network, your funeral home can work with your local florists, and you’ll even get a little extra revenue for that project you’ve been waiting to tackle, such as strengthening your social media efforts.

More Crowdfunding Donations

Like with flower donations, it also gives people more time to make monetary donations to the grieving family and raise awareness about a crowdfunding campaign. For example, with Frazer-powered websites, people can donate to a Tribute Crowdfunding campaign directly on a loved one’s obituary. With Tribute Crowdfunding, the family can raise funds for the funeral expense, a memorial fund, children’s college funds, or any other important expenses.


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