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Nine Signs Your Funeral Home Website Needs an Upgrade

by | May 17, 2021 | Funeral Home Websites

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Did you know that it only takes users 0.05 seconds to choose whether they want to stay on your website or go elsewhere? Per CXL, it’s in that little amount of time that users decide what they think of your website. 

Things like your website design, the content, and its features all contribute to your website’s user friendliness. If your website is lacking in any of these areas, it may be time for an upgrade. 

To make sure your funeral home website exceeds families’ expectations, let’s go over nine signs your website needs an upgrade. 

1. Your Funeral Home Website Doesn’t Have a Responsive Design 

Families are viewing your website on all sorts of devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktop computers and laptops. If your website doesn’t respond to the screen type it’s being viewed from, they may have a bad viewing experience, such as having to pinch or drag the screen. Most likely, they will become frustrated and go elsewhere. To make sure your website looks beautiful on all devices, it should have a responsive design

2. Your Webpages Have Large Chunks of Text 

No one wants to read a large wall of text. It makes it difficult to digest the content, so you should break up your text so it’s easier to read. Things like adding headings and subheadings, paragraphs, and bulleted and numbered lists make your text more visually appealing and easy to understand. 

3. You Don’t Have Any Images for Your Obituaries or Staff Bios 

Images for your staff bios and obituaries are extremely important, but especially for obituaries. Your obituaries shouldn’t just be text-based; an image of the deceased helps their loved ones properly honor their memory. Nowadays, many funeral home websites even have interactive memorial pages for ordering flowers, leaving condolences, and more. 

You also should consider adding images to your funeral home’s staff bios. By having images, it can help families feel like they know them better instead of them remaining a mystery. When coping with the loss of a loved one, establishing that human connection is important, especially as funeral planning goes more virtual. 

4. You Have Images, But They Don’t Add to Your Website’s Purpose 

Images are great, but not if they don’t add to your website’s purpose. For example, generic stock images may not add much value to your website content. Instead, your images should help families gain a better understanding of your offerings and the funeral process. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use stock images; it just means to make sure that you have a reason for adding them. 

5. Your Background Color or Pattern is Distracting 

Bright colors or distracting patterns have no place as your website’s background. It just takes away the focus from your website’s content and features. If you work with a professional website designer, they’ll be able to help you decide on a background color that doesn’t distract your visitors. By working with a provider who specializes in funeral home websites, you can be sure that they understand what makes funeral homes unique from other business websites. 

6. You Have Pages That Are Blank 

If a potential customer comes across a webpage hoping for some informational content, but only to be left with a blank page, they may become frustrated. So if your website has any blank pages, either fill it with content, write that “content is coming soon,” or delete the page. If you do plan on adding content soon, make sure to give yourself a deadline in the near future so the webpage isn’t sitting blank for too long. 

7. The Text Is Difficult to Read 

There are many things that can contribute to website text being hard to read, from the font type and size to the text color. So when choosing how to stylize your text, you should make sure to choose a font, size, and color that’s easy to read even on a small smartphone.

8. Your Navigation Menu Bar Is Confusing to Follow 

Or worse, it has broken links. Your website’s menu should be easy for visitors to understand. To not overwhelm users with too many tabs, you should condense your number of tabs as much as possible without compromising the quality of the content. Like we mentioned above, you don’t want to cram as much content as possible on a page. 

9. Your Website Doesn’t Have Any Virtual Funeral Planning Tools 

With the right tools, your website can be like an additional employee for your funeral home! It also can make virtual funeral planning so much easier for everyone involved. A few tool examples are an online payment center with multiple payment options and a flower store for conveniently ordering flowers directly from a loved one’s obituary. With a Frazer-powered website, you can get access to these tools and so much more! 

Ready to upgrade your funeral home website? Click here to schedule a free demo! 


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