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Scams Funeral Directors Should Look out For

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Funeral Profession

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If you have ever been the victim of a scam, you know that awful, violated feeling. Scammers use all sorts of techniques to get your personal information to ultimately steal your money.

That’s why we have put together a list of common scams that funeral directors may be susceptible to. By being aware, you can avoid falling for even the trickiest scams.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is a technique many scammers use to get you to share confidential information. Typically, they will manipulate you to trust them with your information.

This type of scam comes in many forms. Sometimes they will send you an email that looks like it’s coming from a trustworthy source, with a link to click on. Of course, this link leads to malware that can steal your information. Scammers using this method might also call you on the phone posed as a bill collector or IT personnel. 

Utility Company Scam

Scammers may call you posed as a utility worker informing you that your services will be shut off. Their goal is to scare you into giving up banking or credit card information to pay for the overdue bill. Oftentimes, they will seem rushed and call you during your busiest times.

Advertising Scam

This scam tends to solely be directed to businesses. The scammer tries to get you to pay for some kind of advertising or directory listing. They claim that you can get a free trial if you provide them with your contact information. Later on, you’ll receive a fake bill in the mail that they will try to scare you into paying.

Tech Support Scam

As more and more funeral homes use computers for their everyday business, they will become targets for this kind of scam. They can either come in the form of a direct call or an urgent pop-up message on your computer. The pop-up typically comes from a virus on your computer. If this is the case, it is important to seek real tech support from a trustworthy company.

To learn more common scams and the ways you can protect yourself from them, click here


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