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Social Media Groups for Funeral Directors to Join

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Funeral Home Marketing, Funeral Profession

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In addition to having a social media presence for your funeral home, funeral professionals can join funeral-related social media groups. These are great for sharing ideas, networking with other funeral professionals, and staying updated on funeral profession news and trends — especially as more things happen virtually. It’s also a way to be a part of a community of people who share similar interests. 

Below a list of social media groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that funeral directors can join! 

Facebook Groups for Funeral Directors to Join 

Facebook has a variety of groups for funeral directors, funeral professionals, cemetery workers, and anyone who enjoys learning about funerals. 

Below are a few funeral-related Facebook groups that funeral directors can join: 

  1. Funeral Directors — “This is group of Funeral Service professionals who believe in helping each other with our profession or to just be there for one another.” 
  2. Funeral Home & Mortuary’s History — “This site is for funeral professionals and individuals who enjoy history in death care.” 
  3. NFDMA, Inc. 40 & Under Funeral Directors (Official National Page)The NFDMA, Inc. 40 & Under Funeral Directors is a membership committee of licensed funeral directors, embalmers, and morticians; apprentice funeral directors, embalmers and morticians; and students at an accredited mortuary school, age 40 & under.” 
  4. Beautiful Old Cemeteries…and New — “We are a diverse group of like minded people who enjoy walking through graveyards reading stones, taking pictures, enjoying the peace and tranquility of the surroundings and honoring those who have gone before us, both two legged and four legged.” 

LinkedIn Groups for Funeral Directors to Join 

LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform for being a lifelong learner and networking with other funeral professionals. By joining LinkedIn groups, it makes finding connections and sharing and receiving new information much easier. 

Below are a few funeral-related LinkedIn groups that funeral directors can join: 

  1. Funeral Service Insider“Funeral Service Insider is the most popular newsletter in the country for funeral service professionals. This group is a popular place for funeral service professionals to network and exchange information.” 
  2. National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) “NFDA is the trusted leader, beacon for ethics and the strongest advocate for the profession. NFDA is the association of choice because it offers funeral professionals comprehensive educational resources, tools to manage successful businesses, guidance to become pillars in their communities and the expertise to foster future generations of funeral professionals.” 
  3. Funeral Services Worldwide“This is an international association for all people working in the Funeral Services Industry.” 
  4. Funeral Industry Think Tank“This is a true THINK TANK group for funeral professionals.” 

Can’t Find a Social Media Group on a Certain Subject? Start Your Own! 

Don’t see a social media group on the topic that you’re looking for? Why not start your own group for it? Most likely, many other funeral professionals would benefit from the group, as well. And, it just takes a few quick steps to create a social media group! 

To start a Facebook group, click the + button in the top right of Facebook and choose Group. Next, enter your group name, select a privacy option, add other funeral professionals to your group, and click create! Then, you can personalize your group page by adding a cover photo and group description. 

To start a LinkedIn group, click the Create a new group button on the right side of the LinkedIn Groups page. Next, fill in the requested information, add up to three industries the group is associated with, choose an applicable location, make the group public or private, decide whether or not members can invite their own connections, and click the Create button! 


What other funeral-related social media groups are you a part of? Share them in the comments! 


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