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The Benefits of Tribute Store for Your Funeral Home

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Funeral Flowers, Funeral Home Websites

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When it comes to funeral planning, funeral directors know that the floral arrangements play an important role. Flowers serve as meaningful tributes to a loved one and help their family and friends grieve their loss. But, is your funeral home making the most of funeral floral arrangements?

With Tribute Store, flower ordering is an easier and more convenient process for both your funeral home and the families you serve! It comes free with all Frazer-powered websites and provides your funeral home with new opportunities to better serve your client families and run your funeral home more efficiently. Let’s discuss these benefits below!

Contact your account representative to see about adding Tribute Store to your website. Or, contact us to see about switching to a Frazer-powered website and all its innovative features!

Easier Process for Everyone

Tribute Store creates an easier process for everyone involved: your funeral home, families, and local florists. Families can easily place flower orders directly from their loved one’s obituary on their Tribute Wall. This way, they don’t have waste time searching around or stress over where to order flowers from. Having the option directly on your funeral home’s website makes it a convenient and easy process.

Less Work for Your Funeral Home

It’s also less work for your funeral home’s staff. We take care of maintaining the website and providing customer support. This way, your staff can focus on caring for your families. We also handle the maintenance of the Frazer Flower Network, which is a catalog of floral arrangement recipes that florists and funeral homes can choose to offer families.

More Options for Families

The Frazer Flower Network has more than 150 different floral arrangements to choose from. The arrangements can be ordered and delivered on the same day as the service if placed before 3 p.m. in most cases. If it’s after the deadline, the delivery is auto-directed to the family’s home address or the next available service time. If a floral arrangement is out of stock, the florist can use the customer contact information to see if they want a different floral arrangement of equal value.

Support Your Local Florists

Your funeral home can choose which local florists you want to work with. If there are multiple florists, the flower orders can be split evenly between them. This is a great way to support your community’s businesses and build good relationships with your local florists.

More Website Traffic

By offering flower purchases on your website, your keeping traffic on your funeral home’s website. This way, you can find more potential client families and boost your search engine optimization and search engine results page rankings.

It’s also convenient for people who live out of town. Like mentioned before, they can conveniently order flowers directly from their loved one’s Tribute Wall. This way, your local florists are seeing more business, as well. Additionally, on Tribute Wall they can leave condolence messages or donate to a Tribute Crowdfunding campaign if there’s one active.

Tribute Store Brings Extra Revenue

Ultimately, Tribute Store is an extra revenue source for funeral homes. This way, you have some extra funds to tackle other projects you’ve been wanting to take on. Whether it’s hosting a community event or renovating your facility, this feature can turn that idea into a reality!


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