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The Meaningful Funeral — 2020 Recap

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Funeral Personalization, Funeral Profession, Funeral Technology

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Throughout the year, our marketing team works hard to provide funeral homes with helpful resources to make their firm the best it can be. One resource we are quite proud of is The Meaningful Funeral — an exclusive publication by Frazer Consultants. We mail this magazine to funeral homes in the United States and Canada, and we have digital copies of it on our eLibrary

In The Meaningful Funeral, we help you learn new skills, keep up with funeral trends, and serve your client families in more meaningful ways. If there are any topics that you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to email your topic suggestions to us at  

If you’re unfamiliar with The Meaningful Funeral, check out our recap of all the issues that came out in 2020 below! 

Issue 14 — Winter 2020 

Websites are always a relevant topic for any business — now more than ever, so this issue was all about improving your funeral home’s website presence. From simple ways to add personal touches with photos and your firm’s history to being more productive with time-saving tools, such as lead-generating forms for collecting families’ preplanning information.  

After reading this issue, you’ll be able to better determine what’s working with your website and what’s not. Or, if you have yet to create a website, you can come up with a plan for what you want your website to accomplish. 

Issue 15 — Spring 2020 

We know that many funeral directors are concerned about getting paid. That’s why this issue focuses on improving your funeral home’s bottom line. This way, you can make sure your funeral home gets paid on time and finds new ways to earn extra revenue, such as by earning commissions from flower sales and offering alternative funeral payment options.  

You’ll also learn how to channel wedding planners because they have a lot more in common with funeral directors than you may think. Both plan important life events that include elements like flowers, decorations, and seating arrangements. 

Issue 16 — Fall 2020 

Normally, we would have a summer issue of The Meaningful Funeral, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we skipped an issue so we could focus on more timely resources for funeral homes. We also used that time to reassess our magazine and make some changes so we’re providing the best content possible for funeral directors.  

Instead of having a topic for each issue, we’re focusing on a variety of topics, so there’s something for everyone. In this issue, you can read about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the funeral profession, holiday remembrance programs, and more. We also introduced a new quiz section, so you can test your knowledge and maybe learn something new! 

Issue 17 —Winter 2020 

In this issue, we covered cybersecurity, time management, self-care, and many other important topics for funeral directors. For the feature spread, we went in depth on cybersecurity best practices when it comes to your website, online accounts, devices, and more, so you can keep your families’ sensitive information safe. 

To help you alleviate some stress, we shared time management tips so you can be more productive, as well as self-care suggestions. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of your families, so your well-being needs to be a priority, too! 


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