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Turn an Online Obituary Into a Book to Treasure

by | Apr 12, 2022 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Personalization, Funeral Technology

Tribute Book memorial keepsake

Many families want memorial keepsakes to commemorate the funeral and memories of a lost loved one. They’re a beautiful way to honor someone’s life, keep their memory alive, and aid in the grief journey.  

A lot of funeral homes print or laminate the obituary for families as a keepsake. These take extra time to create and families often put them away after receiving them instead of displaying them in their home. Scrapbooks and photo books are often displayed in the home, but they take hours for family members to create at a time when they feel overwhelmed.   

Now, there’s a new kind of photo keepsake that truly captures a loved one’s story and evokes cherished memories: Tribute Book. This memorial gift transforms the online obituary into a beautiful keepsake book, directly from your funeral home’s website.  

Commemorate the Funeral Event and What Made a Family’s Loved One Special 

When families think back to their loved one’s funeral service, it’s often a blur. It’s a busy day filled with greeting guests and paying tribute to their loved one – all while grief is fresh. Understandably, they may not notice everything that happens.  

Tribute Book helps capture the details of the day in print, giving families something to remember what made the service special. Content like service dates and details about the funeral home helps loved ones remember the day. These details help capture what made their loved one unique and how they personalized the service to reflect their passions. 

Capture Treasured Memories and Stories of a Family’s Loved One 

As people grieve their loss, the kind words and gestures from family and friends remind them that they aren’t alone. Many people comment on online obituaries to share their thoughts about the loved one and condolences to the family. With a keepsake book, you can capture these treasured memories, stories, condolences, and gestures of sympathy, so they’re never forgotten. 

Whenever someone is missing their loved one or feeling lonely, they can look back at cherished memories, photos, and sympathy messages. They may even learn something new about their loved one through others’ stories. They can display the book on their coffee table to spark new conversations and let people add stories to it. This lets the memory of their loved one live on forever.  

Support Them on Their Grief Journey While Honoring Their Loved One’s Memory 

Oftentimes, people hold onto their grief out of fear of forgetting their loved one. By presenting the keepsake book as a way to memorialize their loved one, they can heal and have a physical tribute to forever remember them by. 

You also can present your funeral home’s staff as a support system. Along with your memorial keepsakes, let your families know that you’re always here to support them however you can. If they want your guidance on navigating their grief, give them your phone number or email to reach you. 

Auto-Generate This Memorial Keepsake with Little Work from You and Your Families 

Your Frazer-powered website does all the work for you to create this meaningful keepsake. It’s auto-generated from the content on a loved one’s Tribute Wall. This means the shared photos, condolences, memories, event details, sympathy gift orders, and more are all in the book.  

To preview and order copies of their loved one’s Tribute Book, families just need to visit their loved one’s Tribute Wall. It’s that simple. Your families get a beautiful keepsake to cherish, while your funeral home gets another way to support them with little work required from your staff. 

We’re a proud Premier Partner with Tribute Technology, a company that supports 9,000+ funeral, cremation, and cemetery businesses with technology. As a Premier Partner, Frazer-powered websites have priority integration directly to Tribute’s products and services, including Tribute Book. 

Learn more about Tribute Book and request a free sample of this memorial keepsake here.  


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