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Ways Funeral Directors Can Help Families Memorialize Their Loved Ones Online

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Funeral Home Websites, Funeral Personalization

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The internet has always been a great resource to help memorialize a loved one’s life. However, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we now must rely on online memorialization more than ever before. 

With online tools, there are still ways funeral directors can help their client families memorialize their loved ones while practicing social distancing.  

For instance, your Frazer-powered funeral home website has several interactive features to help with online memorialization. Let’s go over these features below. 

Share Memories on Tribute Wall 

Tribute Walls on Frazer-powered websites serve as permanent virtual tributes of families’ loved ones. Those who are grieving can share their condolences, memories of their loved one, and heartwarming stories about them. Additionally, they can share photos and videos, light virtual candles and leave meaningful symbols, view the obituary, and watch their Tribute Video. 

Ultimately, it’s a place for those who are grieving to come together and memorialize their loved one. Everyone can support each other through their grief journeys, share memories, and maybe even learn something new about their loved one in the process.  

Create a Tribute Video 

Speaking of Tribute Videos, you can easily create a Tribute Video of a loved one’s life with Tribute Center. It’s a perfect virtual tribute for honoring and remembering a loved one. 

To make the Tribute Video, families can send you photos of their loved one to include in it, and you can customize it with music, video clips, and other elements. Tribute Center has nearly 200 intros and endings, 400 licensed songs, 850 high-quality stock video clips, and 500 themes for DVD packaging. The video software even synchronizes the transitions and music for you. 

Make Meaningful Mementos 

You also can use Tribute Center to create memorial products, such as Life Journey Candles, bookmarks, and prayer cards. With this software, you can easily create personalized funeral stationery products to honor a family’s loved one. You can customize the layout, images, text, color, and other elements to make truly unique mementos. There are more than 500 customizable themes, preloaded verses, and stylized texts. 

Tribute Center also integrates with your Frazer-powered website, so you can avoid double data entry. To help you save even more time, we designed the drag-and-drop interface to be quick and easy for anyone to use, no matter their technology experience.  

How is your funeral home helping families memorialize their loved ones online? Share your ideas with us in the comments! 


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