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Ways Your Funeral Home Can Lift Your Community’s Spirits from Afar

by | Apr 6, 2020 | Funeral Profession

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While practicing social distancing, many people may feel isolated and scared. To help combat loneliness and fear, your funeral home’s staff can find ways to lift your community’s spirits. 

By sharing some inspirational online content, families can feel comforted and supported during these difficult times. From social media posts to bring people together from afar to online activities to make people smile, there are many ideas. Just taking a few moments to write a thoughtful social media post or share inspiring content can make someone’s day.  

Below are a few inspirational content ideas to help you get started.

Write Inspirational Content 

Your funeral home’s social media pages are a great way to keep your community engaged. By sharing posts that encourage conversation, you can help people feel less alone. For example, you can share a cute photo of your therapy dog, something you’re thankful for, or an act of kindness. 

Does your funeral home have a blog? If not, now is the perfect time to start. A blog is a convenient way to share inspirational content with your community that’s right at their fingertips. For instance, you can write about self-care tips, DIY craft projects that double as mementos, or the free online activities mentioned in the next sections. 

Share Free Online Activities 

The internet provides an endless amount of free, fun things to do online while social distancing. Help families keep themselves preoccupied while at home by sharing free online activities on your funeral home’s social media pages, website, and blog.  

Here are a few free online activities to get your list started: 

Share Resources for Kids 

With schools and non-essential businesses closed, many parents are juggling working from home while taking care of their children. Help make their day-to-day routine a little easier by sharing online resources to keep their kids engaged while at home 

For example, there are many free online tools out there for learning and having fun, including: 

  • Fun Brain: On this website, parents can find books, videos, games, and more for kids in PreK through 8th grade. 
  • PBS Kids Games: This website is filled with fun games that teach kids about reading, spelling, math, music, and other subjects. 
  • Scholastic Learn at Home: With this program, parents can find projects, activities, and more for kids in PreK through 9th grade.

How is your funeral home lifting your community’s spirits? Share your ideas with us in the comments! 


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