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What type of leader are you?

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Funeral Profession

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Funeral homes need strong leaders.

A lot of changes are sweeping through the profession, and it’s going to take a skilled leader to navigate to success. A strong leader can come in many forms and can mean many different things.

Which type of leader do you resemble the most?

The Visionary

The visionary leader is a long-term thinker. In their mind, they know where they want to be in 10 or 20 years. They aren’t afraid of taking risks, experimenting, and generally are open to new ideas — as long as they are on the road to achieving their vision. People find it easy to rally and follow a visionary leader because their passion is contagious.

Examples of this leadership style: Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Workhorse

The workhorse can be found right alongside their team members. Their decisions are based on practical applications for the business and they make sure that the team has everything needed to perform their jobs at a high level. Their work ethic alone inspires the team and helps the funeral home operate efficiently.

Examples of this leadership style: George Washington and Mother Teresa

The Problem Solver

No obstacle is too big to tackle for the problem solver. They thrive on finding solutions to unexpected problems. Where others see only problems — this leader sees an opportunity to innovate. It’s their adaptability that drives their funeral home to success.

Examples of this leadership style: Dwight Eisenhower and Bill Gates

The Delegator

The delegator is at ease taking their hands off the wheel. A leader like this knows that the funeral home is in good hands because they’ve built the best team around and provided them with the solutions and environment needed for success. The delegator nurtures a workplace ripe with freedom and creativity for their staff.

Examples of this leadership style: Warren Buffet and Ronald Reagan

Each leadership style brings something unique to the table, but all have the tools needed for their funeral home to succeed in the changing market. Which leadership style does your funeral home resemble? Or do you have your own special style? Share with us in the comments below!


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