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Why Frazer Consultants is Thankful for Funeral Directors

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Funeral Profession

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Though March 11th is National Funeral Directors and Mortician Recognition Day, our staff at Frazer Consultants can find many reasons to appreciate people in the funeral profession every day. Funeral directors have a job unlike any other and are always putting in the extra time, energy, and care.

That’s why we want to highlight the things we love about funeral directors and how grateful we are for all that they do! Below are some of the kind words our team members wanted to share.

Renee, Sales Consultant

“I love that when I call my clients it’s like I’m always talking to my best friend, whether I met that person in person, or I’ve never seen them before in my life. Our funeral directors are phenomenal people, they’re compassionate, loving, and they have such a passion for their community and serving everybody in it.”

CJ, Sales Consultant

“I’m thankful for funeral directors’ dedication. Without having a 24/7 on-call work schedule, many families would be feeling lost during their time of need. Funeral directors provide guidance and support through those tough times.”

Heather, Production Manager

“I’m thankful that our funeral directors want to give their client families the best possible web experience. It shows that they are invested in providing quality care and therefore brings value to the work we do here at Frazer Consultants every day.  

Jenny, Senior Content Specialist

“I’m thankful for everything funeral directors do for their community. From organizing educational seminars to hosting remembrance programs, they put their community’s needs first.”

Nastassja, Marketing Designer

“I truly believe funeral directors are one of the most selfless and giving parts of each community. They deserve to be recognized for their around-the-clock sacrifices they make every single day.”

Katie, Designer

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to help funeral directors and their families through innovative technology solutions.”

Jake, Support Manager 

“Funeral directors consistently go above and beyond for their client families, and I’m thankful for that.”  

From the bottom of our hearts here at Frazer Consultants, thank you. We hope you have a special National Funeral Directors and Mortician Recognition Day!


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