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Why Your Funeral Home’s Twitter Followers May Have Dropped

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Funeral Home Marketing

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Many Twitter users are seeing a drop in their Twitter followers, but there is no need to panic. Twitter announced that it’s deleting fake bot accounts to improve the overall Twitter experience.

It’s possible that some of these fake accounts followed your funeral home’s Twitter page. The bot accounts may have been set up to follow accounts based on specific keywords, such as “funeral,” and other keywords.

Whether or not you saw a loss in Twitter followers, your funeral home can use this as an opportunity to improve your overall Twitter strategy. Let’s discuss some tips for gaining relevant Twitter followers and posting engaging content.

How to Gain More Relevant Twitter Followers

You can start by going through your current followers and following back the relevant users. You don’t have to follow everyone; this would just clutter your Twitter feed with unwanted content.

You also can follow more relevant Twitter accounts. Not only does this create an opportunity for more followers, it also creates a networking opportunity. You can find potential client families and businesses or funeral professionals to collaborate with on community programs and events.

Some examples of Twitter accounts to follow are:

  • Client families you’ve come to know well
  • Local senior centers and hospice facilities
  • Funeral professionals and organizations
  • Grief counselors and authors
  • Local businesses such as animal shelters and restaurants

How to Engage with Your Twitter Followers

Think of your funeral home’s target audience. Does your current following reflect that? You should post engaging content geared toward your funeral home’s target audience. For example, if you’re promoting your pet memorial services, craft content geared toward families who are pet owners.

Some other tweet ideas are:

  • Sharing a post from your funeral home’s blog
  • Sharing an interesting article
  • Informing followers about an upcoming event
  • Educating followers about your funeral home’s services, such as preplanning
  • Tips on how to have a healthy healing journey after the loss of a loved one

The ideas above are only a few of many tweet topics. You can ask your followers questions in your tweets to engage with them and start a conversation. You also can share, like, and reply to other users’ content for more engagement.

If you want some help with social media posts, check out our free monthly social media kits with ready-made posts.


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