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Funeral Stationery Software That Works

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Funeral Personalization

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Today, many funeral directors hear that their client families want more personalization options. They feel what makes a person unique ought to also be part of their life celebration, including the funeral stationery.

Funeral stationery software like Tribute Center can help funeral directors meet this need, without being expensive or time-consuming. With Tribute Center, your firm can honor the deceased with more personalization options than ever thought possible.

All Your Funeral Stationery Needs in One Place

No matter what the family wants to have — whether it’s 100 funeral programs, 10 personalized funeral candles, or 200 thank-you notes — Tribute Center can help.

Tribute Center has templates for many types of stationery. No matter what combination of funeral stationery needs you have, you can print them with Tribute Center.

Additionally, you can easily order and inventory all the blank stock you need directly from Frazer Consultants!

Easy to Customize and Personalize

Using this funeral stationery software, a funeral director can select from one of more than 500 themes. The choices represent every interest, hobby, occupation, and religious background.

We expect themes at weddings, baby and bridal showers, and birthday parties — now the same can be said of funeral services. If the decedent was a lifelong tennis enthusiast, then why leave that out of his funeral service?

Using an online theme viewer, funeral directors can help their client families narrow down their theme selection. Additionally, the funeral director can add the theme viewer link to their website to help families find the right theme from the comfort of their home.

The ability to print many different themes means you can ditch the pre-printed options. Stop wasting money on unused themes, all while offering the personalization families want.

Print On-Demand and In-House

Once you select a theme, the funeral home’s staff can enter the deceased’s information by clicking a few buttons. Tribute Center integrates with Frazer-powered websites and data management softwares, so you only have to enter information once!

Tribute Center instructs you exactly where to place information, photos, and more. Then, simply print the personalized stationery onto blank stock using your own printer.

By using your own printer, you eliminate any possibility of errors or delays from a third-party print house.

Being able to print your own stationery also means that you can print more on-demand! Additionally, using blank stock and printing on-demand means lower overhead costs.

If you’re like most funeral directors, you’ve known the frustration of using pre-printed funeral stationery. You must manage and time reorders perfectly so that you don’t run out of a particular selection. To add to the issue, suppliers require minimum orders, which mean large, expensive outlays.

Managing the inventory, repetitively inputting the deceased’s information for each piece of stationery, and controlling costs consumes large blocks of time. You can avoid all of that by using Tribute Center!

Create More Revenue for Your Funeral Home

Tribute Center also means you can offer unique, personalized packages to the families you serve. These packages can be an additional source of revenue for your firm.

Creating packages also helps families decide what stationery they need. At-need client families already face many decisions, such as what kind of casket? Or where should we have the service? Who do we need to notify? What kind of flowers should we order? What should the obituary say? The list goes on.

Below are a few suggestions for packages you can offer the families you serve, to help with their decision making.

The Basic Funeral Stationery Package

  • Funeral register book
  • 100 memorial folders
  • 50 acknowledgments and envelopes

The Standard Funeral Stationery Package

  • Funeral register book
  • 100 memorial folders
  • 50 acknowledgments and envelopes
  • Personalized funeral candle
  • Tribute Video DVD
  • Four bookmarks

The Premium Funeral Stationery Package

  • Funeral register book
  • 100 memorial folders
  • 50 acknowledgments and envelopes
  • Personalized funeral candle
  • Tribute Video DVD
  • Four bookmarks
  • 100 tri-fold programs

For each package, you can print and add additional pieces on to the order should a family so desire. For example, if a family decided on the premium package but needed 120 tri-fold programs. Or, maybe they wanted three copies of the Tribute Video, for instance. Simply tack on these add-ons to the base price of the original package.

Families Love Tribute Center

Families looking for distinctive funeral stationery love the selection available to them. And as a result, better funeral stationery selection shows new families how important personalization is to your funeral home.

Funerals are evolving from somber events to joyous celebrations of life. So it only makes sense to offer funeral stationery that upholds this type of tribute.

Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized funeral stationery products for the families you serve!


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