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How Funeral Directors Can Show They’re Thankful for Their Client Families

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Funeral Profession, Remembrance Programs

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As Thanksgiving draws near, it’s important for us to reflect on the things we are thankful for. By expressing gratitude, we make our connections stronger and feel satisfied with what we have.

Throughout the year, funeral directors get connected with families from all walks of life. Together, you work to create a meaningful funeral service for their loved one.

While we hope that families express their appreciation for funeral directors, it’s also important for funeral directors to show families their gratitude too. By showing families you’re thankful for them, you’ll continue to strengthen your bond and have the opportunity to work with them again in the future.

Below, we’re sharing ways funeral directors can show they’re thankful for their client families not only during Thanksgiving but year-round.

Send a Thoughtful Letter

While a follow-up email is appreciated, a handwritten letter is much more personal and thoughtful. Thank them for choosing you as their funeral service provider. Wish them well on their grief journey and let them know you are there for them during this tough time.

Mail a Holiday Card

Many funeral homes send their families a holiday card every year. This is the perfect chance to get a nice group photo of your staff, which you should include in the card. Bonus points if you include your grief therapy dog in the photo!

Host a Holiday Remembrance Program

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for those who lost a loved one. Show your families some compassion this holiday season by hosting a free holiday remembrance program. You can offer them a complimentary personalized ornament with their loved one’s name on it. Download this eBook for a step-by-step guide for hosting your event!

Post it on Social Media

Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to give your client families a shout out on social media. Write a post that says how thankful you are to be able to work with such great client families.

Host a Summer Event

To show your appreciation throughout the year, host a summer event that’s open to the community. A few ideas are a cookout, picnic and preplanning, or an outdoor movie viewing!

Provide Grieving Resources

The funeral is just the beginning of the grieving journey. Help families heal by providing grief resources whether that be free literature or starting a support group at your funeral home.


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