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How to Create Custom Acknowledgment Cards for Funerals

by | Sep 29, 2012 | Funeral Personalization

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It’s crucial to offer families options to be competitive in today’s funeral profession — including funeral stationery acknowledgment cards. With funeral stationery software created for in-house use, funeral directors can do just that.

Do You Have to Send Thank-You Cards After a Funeral?

An important rule of funeral etiquette is to send thank-you cards — also known as acknowledgment cards. You should send them to those who have sent flowers, plants, or donations in honor of the departed.

The custom of sending thank-you cards is more than observing good manners. When people reach out to you during a difficult time, you want them to know you sincerely appreciate their actions.

Creating a special, personal thank-you card will let everyone know how much you appreciate their kindness and thoughtfulness.

The thought of actually having to compose and send your acknowledgments, though, can be discouraging. You may feel as if you don’t have the inner resources to express yourself right now. Or, perhaps you’ve never been comfortable with the written word. Facing a stack of blank cards, or cards with a polite verse that just doesn’t say enough by itself, you might decide to postpone the task indefinitely.

Fortunately, today’s trend in funeral personalization extends to your thank-you cards.

Personalizing Your Acknowledgment Cards

With advice and assistance from your funeral director, you can compose a message that says exactly how you feel. You’ll be able to express your gratitude to your friends and family.

Along with your thank-you message, add comforting words such as a quote or a line from a poem. Select a patriotic or military phrase to honor a soldier or veteran. Add a phrase your loved one used all the time or the lyric of a favorite song. In short, choose anything that embodies, for you, the essence of the person.

Photos will make the acknowledgment cards even more personal, whether you choose to place them on the front or inside. Use the same photo or image you used on other funeral stationery, or choose a completely different one.

Select an overall theme to customize your thank-you cards. The options are nearly endless, ranging from themes that relate to the deceased’s occupation to seasonal, floral, or other themes.

Easy Personalization with Tribute Center

In the past, funeral professionals had a finite number of themes to provide families, and they often were religious. The options included maybe two pre-printed designs. The funeral home might add generic printing inside — like the name of the person and their birth and death dates.

However, with Tribute Center, designed specifically for funeral professionals, there is a wealth of options to create personalized thank-you cards. Plus, you can use almost any theme a client family may want and have complete control of the customization.

With just a computer, printer, blank stock, and funeral stationery software, funeral directors can design and print beautiful thank-you cards in-house!

To get started, Tribute Center can be downloaded in just minutes. Once installed, you can select menu-driven, pre-formatted templates for each piece of funeral stationery. Edit to include photos, special sayings, prayers, the deceased’s name, and any other information the family wishes.

Then, just print on blank stock and you have a personal, unique thank-you card that families will cherish.

Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized acknowledgment cards and other mementos for the families you serve!

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